About Me

Born in 1988 and raised in ‘s-Gravenwezel, Belgium

Since my first computer (a windows 3.1 oldie), I have always had a big interest in technology. First I used the computer for playing games but I quickly learned how to make changes and how to crash everything. When I was 14 I learned how to create my first websites in HTML/CSS and after a while I added PHP and Javascript to that list. Since 2010 I have been working as a Web Developer.

Besides spening time behind my computer, I enjoy playing Futsal at friendship level and golf at Drie Eycken Golf Club. Every year I look forward to my vacation to explore the world. I prefer to mix with a long distance travel and a citytrip. Most of my pictures are from great memories down the road.



Started working in 2010 for this small company. Most of our work was in WordPress or CakePHP.

Oregon GCV

In 2018 I started my own company where I could focus more on projects that I enjoy. I could also develop my photography skills on a professional level.


Email: frederik@vaneverbroeck.be
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